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Travel Insurance Policies Pre-June 30, 2019

If you have an ISIC/ITIC/IYTC with Basic, Premium, Explorer coverage that has a validity start date beginning on or before June 30, 2019, please refer to all details on this page for your policies, who to contact for emergency assistance and how to make a claim. If your validity date begins on or after October 1, 2019, please refer to the main Travel Insurance page for full policy information, who to contact, and how to make a claim.

If you received your card ISIC (ITIC or IYTC) between May 1st 2013 and March 1st 2014, non-medical emergency evacuation and security and political evacuation are not included in your plan. Prior to April 1, 2017, all ISIC/ITIC/IYTC cards issued in the U.s. include Basic Travel Insurance* that covers your international travels outside of the U.S.. After April 1, 2017 you must purchase Basic or Explorer coverage to ensure insurance benefits.

The 2018/2019 insurance coverage is administered by Global Benefits Group (GBG).

Restricted States/Countries

Click on the link below to check the current travel advisory for the country you are visiting. Please note that coverage is not provided within countries displaying a level 4 travel advisory. If you are unsure whether the destination you are travelling to is covered, please contact STA Travel for assistance. 

*PLEASE NOTE that the Explorer level of coverage is not valid for sale in the following U.S. states: New York, Washington, Massachusetts, Maryland, and South Dakota.

Please view attached PDF file for a list of countries which are not currently covered by this policy.

Restricted Countries 


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