The ISIC Mission Statement

At ISIC we are proud of our original International Student Identity Card (ISIC) mission statement, written when the Association was founded in 1953:

“Increasing international understanding through the promotion of travel and exchange opportunities among students, young people and the academic community”

Over four million cardholders know that ISIC’s mission statement has the same importance today.


UNESCO’s endorsement of ISIC

unesco_panel2Since 1968, the ISIC Association has enjoyed a close relationship with UNESCO, whose endorsement of ISIC recognizes our card as a unique document encouraging cultural exchange and international understanding.

The ISIC card is recognized by many other prestigious organizations. As well as UNESCO, endorsements from the European Council on Culture and the Community of Andean Nations illustrate ISIC’s longstanding success and respect as an organization.

We are proud to be recognized by national governments, ministries of education, universities, academic institutions and student organizations around the world.