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The Top 10 Study Abroad Cities in The World

The verdict is in, here are the 10 best student destinations for 2018.

Wondering which cities around the world have been voted the best for studying abroad? The QS Best Student Cities index has just ranked the best urban destinations for international students in 2018 based on these six factors: University rankings, affordability, student mix, desirability, employer activity, affordability and student view. Best of all? You can access ISIC benefits in every single city! Don't have an ISIC? Grab one here

10 Seoul, Korea


Discounts in Seoul


9 Sydney, Australia


Discounts in Sydney

8 Zurich, Switzerland


Discounts in Zurich

7 Berlin, Germany


Discounts in Berlin

6 Munich, Germany


Discounts in Munich

5 Paris, France


Discounts in Paris

4 Montreal, Canada


Discounts in Montreal

3 Melbourne, Australia


Discounts in Melbourne


2 Tokyo, Japan


Discounts in Tokyo

1 London, United Kingdom


Discounts in London


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