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Spring Break 2020 Adventures without Breaking the Bank

Spring Break is known as the time for students to have those wild adventures and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. But what about those who don’t have the chance to go cliff jumping in Hawaii or can’t afford to stay in a villa in the Maldives, and also don’t want to stay home watching ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ all day with their parents?

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If that’s you, I’m here to remind you that it is possible to have fun Spring Break adventures without breaking the bank. You might not be laying on the beach being served fresh Piña Coladas out of a pineapple, BUT you can have a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

First things first, it’s important to save up as a student whenever you can. If you put a dollar in a jar every day from September 1st- March 1st, you’ll have $180 saved up for your trip. That money could pay for your flight tickets or housing for the week!

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If you’re trying to make fast money, try signing up for websites like Talk Abroad. All you have to do is speak to an international student in your native language to help them practice, and get paid for it. It’s quick, easy money for a student and totally worth it!

If you struggle to keep up with your money, Spendee is a good app to use. It’ll help you stay organized while you’re saving. You can keep track of your budget, how much you’re spending, and what you’re spending it on - everything on one app! What more could you want?!

Now, I know saving money is essential before Spring Break, but personally, the first thing I think of after making Spring Break plans is making Spring Break shopping trip plans. If you’re the same as me, and want to refresh your closet, some good online stores are and They are already affordable, and with your ISIC discount, your bank account will not be crying after! 

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Let’s talk about the scary part of committing to a Spring Break trip… buying the plane tickets. This is typically steepest purchase you’ll have to make, but DON’T STRESS. You have options. At this point you’ve already saved a little and made a little, but when making your plans, it’s good to think about which places are more affordable than others. For instance, it’ll typically be cheaper to fly to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina than to Miami, Florida. It’ll also be cheaper to fly to Nashville, Tennessee than to Los Angeles, California, and both are must-see cities.

Also, don’t forget to use your student resources. Buy your tickets from student friendly sites! offers discounted flights for students. It also gives you recommendations for locations with the best deals for flights, housing, and touring. So, check out the cheapest vacation ideas, and take advantage of being a student while you can! 

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While you can find cheap flight tickets, if that’s still pushing your budget, you still have options! Try a road trip. Gather a few friends and try to hit some cool national parks. You can go hiking and camping. This is tailored to you. Map out some cool locations down the coast of California, or the East Coast from Boston, MA to Knoxville, TN. That being said, to be even more economically efficient and save on gas, you can take the bus between locations. It gets even cheaper with the ISIC card. You can get discounted tickets for FlixBus, which can take you all around the nation. 

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Before you know it, Spring Break expenses can add up. And when you’re already a broke college student, that is a scary thought. Just don’t forget that there are cheaper alternatives. Take advantage of your student benefits, and have your very own unforgettable Spring Break.

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