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So What Now? Summer During a Pandemic

With exams over, Summer and Fall study abroad canceled and no summer plans, it can be tough to figure out “what’s next?” Although it’s easy to feel negative and like you have nothing to look forward to- here are a few ways to keep your head up.

Plan your travel:

STA Travel offers ways to book your future travel with low payments, flexible changes, and lifetime deposits. With Book Now Pay Later deposits, you can lock in 2020 & 2021 trips at low prices, pay the balance later. Ready to book a flight, but want extra flexibility in case your plans change? Many airline partners are waiving change fees for new tickets purchased in June. This additional flexibility will save the typical change fees of $200-$400 that airlines normally charge if you need to switch travel dates. You will only have to pay the fare difference if your new airline fare costs more than your original fare. Contact an STA Travel Expert to start getting excited to travel again!  


Stay Informed

Throughout this whole pandemic, it has been easy to feel overwhelmed, scared, and unsure what the future holds. If you stay informed on recent updates you can make smart decisions for making plans to go back to work, travel outside your community, or simply plan to see some friends.  The CDC has up to date info on their site and social.


Use Your School’s Resources

Not sure where to turn with help getting a job? Your school's career center can be a great resource for networking opportunities and other guidance with what your future holds. With virtual assistance, it can be a great way to get some help. Of course, your school's website will also have updates about classes, returning to campus, and the status of study abroad opportunities. 


Utilize Your Student Discounts to Stay Creative:

  • Give your bedroom a makeover
  • Organize your week with what activities you’ve planned
  • Plan and cook a meal with friends over skype or zoom (don’t feel like shopping or picking a recipe try this)
  • Exercise with online classes from your favorite local gym or national brands like Barre3 or Corepower Yoga,
  • Do some crafts

 Don’t’ have an ISIC for discounts? Get one here.


Back in March when campuses starting closing, classes went online and students were sent home… it seemed like there was no end in sight. There were no answers to what was going on and how we would get through this. We now have more information, can look towards the future, and make smart choices to have life get back (somewhat) to feeling normal.






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