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Do's and Don'ts of Winter Dating

Sometimes it can be hard to find things to do once the cold hits. It’s especially hard to date a new person when it’s cold and even harder to do so on a budget. I know a movie date at home is the easy way out, but is that the standard you want to set for your dating life? Think about it. When you’re old and gray, you don’t want to say, “let’s feel young again and stay in and watch a movie!” So, here are some dos and don'ts to spice up your dating life (while on a budget) this winter.

Do: Keep it Simple. If you’re looking to have a quiet night to get to know someone, but it’s cold and you haven’t gotten your paycheck yet, a perfect first date could be ordering pizza and staying in. I know it could be a bit casual, but order a Papa John’s pizza, set up a nice table cloth and candles, and enjoy the romance with each cheese pull. If you've never actually met this person- of course, save this for a few dates in. 

Don't: Overdo it. With so many holiday parties and gatherings this time of year it can be easy to try to go to everything. Don't schedule a date the day after a big holiday party as you may be recovering and not your best self. 

Do:  Go to the movie theater. This is a good indoor idea if you want a more chill date. Find your local AMC Theatre or Regal Cinema, and enjoy a cold night with some popcorn and a good movie. To make it even more fun (a.k.a. cheaper), you can sneak outside food in! My go-to is the snack aisle at Target.

Don't: Let the cold put you off!! There's fun things outside like ice skating, which is the perfect chance to do something a little more active during the winter months. It’s a good way to get to know someone and definitely get you both laughing (especially if one of you doesn’t know how to skate). Dress warm and go for hot cocoa after!


Do: Relax. A lot of people scramble to find a winter relationship because it can be a romantic time of year. When you look for it- it won't happen. Take this season to relax and enjoy festivities and who knows- you could run into someone under the mistletoe!

Don't: Think all dates need to be the same. You don't have to go for drinks, you can try something like indoor rock climbing. It’s a good date for those of you wanting be a little more active. It’s perfect. You get a date and a workout all in one! But if a workout date isn’t appealing to you, tell the person holding the rope to just pull you up the wall. Your date will be so impressed when you “climb” it in three seconds. Another idea is museums as they can be the perfect setting to get to know someone and their interests. For those of you who find museums boring, try using Museum Hack! You can take part in guided tours that explain the juicy gossip behind the artwork instead of the typical history you read on the description card. You’ll bond over your mutual love for the tea.

Do: If you're studying abroad this winter- this break from classes is the perfect time to explore something new. Going on an adventure for a date, or just with a friend can be a really fun way to bond and see the sights. 



Written by Nour Nabhan

Boston University Student '20



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