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Coronavirus: What’s the tea?

With the spread of Coronavirus, there is fear, anger, frustration and a lot of negative emotions that every one is feeling. Trips are being cancelled, concerts cancelled (Coachella being one… tear!), with it going as far as to making you question even a small trip to your local mall.


Here at ISIC we have always encouraged travel and getting you to visit new places, and we know now many students are questioning what they should do now. That’s why we thought we’d put together a couple tips and tricks to help keep you positive and safe these next coming months. 


viktor forgacs qe5mRoPJjQ0 unsplash Think positive


Health and Safety 

First things first, staying safe is v important. Make sure your knowledge of what’s going on is up to date by checking out what the World Health Organization is saying here. 


Coronavirus is here and its growth around the world is mad. So, remember there are things we can all do to prevent the spread further. If you think you’re washing your hands an insane amount of times, that’s great! Remember hand sanitizer is good but it doesn’t always cut it. So continue washing your hands for 20secs, the same amount of time as the choruses to these bops… 


  • Lizzo – Good as Hell (The one we’re using right now!) 
  • Jolene – Dolly Parton 
  • Africa – Toto
  • Love On Top – Beyonce 



With every passing day, more and more news is coming out about restrictions to travel. When your flights get cancelled, and borders start closing its high key upsetting but it’s important to know your rights in these situations and consider your own safety before going. Some of the things we’d recommend you consider include… 


  1. Is your destination affected by the Coronavirus outbreak? 
  2. Are you part of a group that is at risk of a Coronavirus infection? i.e. those with pre-existing medical conditions. 
  3. Do you have travel insurance and will your travel insurance cover your costs of a cancelled trip? Did you buy your travel insurance with us? Get more info about your insurance here.  


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Mindset and Staying Busy 

The countdown was probably on your phone, you’d already started buying things for your trip, then it gets cancelled… To say your disappointed would be an understatement. But try to be positive. Plans can be rearranged, and just because you can’t go on your big trip, doesn’t mean you can’t live your best life. You know that birthday party you were going to miss being away? Well now you can go! Focus on the positives, try not to dwell on the negatives.  


Maybe set a new goal. You’ve got time on your hands now. Always wanted to run a 5k? Now’s your chance! Always wanted to learn to cook? Now you have extra time on your hands it’s time to get in the kitchen and cook something that’s pure fire! We recommend gettin’ a helping hand from Hungryroot. You get 15% off all the ingredients and it’ll be delivered right to your door = awesome. 


Still feeling antsy? Plan a road trip with some friends to visit new cities or local historical sites. Or if you’re a senior maybe you’re thinking about graduation. Why not use this time to work on your resume and building your network? Although it may not be as fun as going abroad, it’s one less thing to think about later on. 


ramille soares eaVqhXooI unsplash2


You may not be able to go travelling these next couple of months, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit indoors and do nothing. Use the time wisely. Continue having fun and stay positive. Remember to wash your hands to Good as Hell by Lizzo and stay safe!



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