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5 Ways to Use your ISIC Without Leaving the U.S.

You may think that an International Student Identity Card "ISIC" is just something you get when you are going to study abroad. Of course it’s a globally recognized ID, plus you can find discounts all around the world- all true- but did you know- even if you aren’t going abroad and you’re in your college town or home town in good ol' USA you can find ways to use your ISIC without needing to use your passport!


Exams, colder weather and TV commercials filled with holiday ads ALREADY! You're probably thinking about your winter break from classes and what you are going to do for those few weeks to avoid your parents... We have some ways to score some family points while staying busy AND saving money.

 Here are some tips: 

  1. Book your flight or bus home for the holidays with STA Travel or Flix Bus
  2. Buy some gifts for your family online with your discounts…something for the little bro from Flex Watches, some yoga for Mom from YogaVibes, something for your bestie from Lulus or X Suit and a coffee subscription for Dad from Driftaway Coffee, or gear for the outdoorsy Dad from Outdoor Tech.
  3. Visit a place you wouldn’t normally go in your city over winter break- check out the 9/11 museum in NYC or the Skyscraper museum. In Boston check out the Paul Revere House. From DC? go to the Newseum or take an Old Town Trolley Tour.
  4. Sick of buying gifts for everyone else? Treat yourself with an upgrade to a new Macbook with 10% off Apple
  5. Plan out your spring semester abroad and where you want to visit. We have tons of discounts in London (like the London Party Pub Crawl!), Sydney and MANY more!

Hungry for more? Just grab yourself a pizza and keep it simple: 30% off Papa Johns

Don’t have an ISIC yet? Grab yours here for only $20 for the year


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