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5 Awesome Discounts for Teachers

The International Teacher Identity Card “ITIC” gets you access as a teacher to thousands of discounts around the globe. When you’re not travelling and you want to grab some stuff for the classroom, or for yourself- here’s what we recommend!

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Here's just a few of our favorite discounts that are perfect for Teachers. 

  1. You spend tons of time printing and planning and organizing. Grab everything you need at Office Depot with up to 30% off.
  2. Want to stay warm this winter, while looking professional- Head to LuLu’s and get some cute work gear with $15 off  or a casual suit jacket from Xsuit with 20% off 
  3. You can’t have a productive day without good sleep! Get $50 off a Casper Mattress
  4. Need a new phone case? Caseable offers 30% off 
  5. Need some art supplies, markers, pens for the classroom? Arteza is perfect for that with 10% off 
  6. How about a planner for yourself to stay organized! Panda Planner offers 25% off 

And don't forget- if you're travelling overseas for the holidays you can look for flight deals from STA Travel as they can offer great deals not just for students! 

Don't have an ITIC card yet? Grab yours here:





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