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3 Reasons to See a Broadway Show This Winter

I always used to think going to shows was something you did when you got old and tired of going to restaurants, bars, or wanting to socialize with other people. I was so wrong - it is a great night out! I have now seen a few Broadway shows over the past few years and they are SO entertaining and inspiring. Sounds corny I know, but here are three reasons why you too may like going to Broadway.

1)     You can get a discount on most tickets with your ISIC. Check the different titles to see what is offered. Ok, that’s easy!

2)     You may learn something- whether just a new story, that you love theatrical singing, or that you can get out of a small town. I recently saw “The Waitress” and not only was the music amazing and made me want to get up and dance, but the actors were so believable and the story was so relevant (aka you make your own happiness).

The Waitress

3)     Going to a show can be a break from reality of your day to day, something different than going to the movies, and a fun way to spend an evening with a friend, partner or family member.

Check out all the shows you can see in NYC or London and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Still missing out on discounts? 


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