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10 Ways To Get Ahead During The Uni Holidays (& have fun too!)

When you’re a student, post-uni life is often the last thing on your mind. It may seem like a million miles away, but the reality is, it’ll be here before you know it! Your university years are the best time to get prepared. Taking advantage of amazing, extracurricular activities will not only help you meet people and gain new life skills but make you more employable in the long term too.

You might not think you have that much time, but - believe it or not – this is the most time you’ll ever have! Stop wasting it on Netflix marathons and put your holidays to good use.
Get inspired now with these top 10 ways tips for the employability boost you need!

1. Travel with an international program


You might have heard about some of the international summer programs on offer to students, the most popular being Study Abroad or Teach English Abroad with TEFL. These provide a great opportunity to travel abroad, experience other cultures and make lifelong friends - all whilst earning money!

For an international program, an ISIC card is essential. You can get amazing discounts on flights through STA travel, as well as money off at Generator hostels and Interrailing throughout Europe. ISIC also offers travel insurance coverage, with three plans on offer, from basic to all-inclusive.


2. Contact role models on LinkedIn


LinkedIn is an amazing tool for finding your dream job. You can search for the companies you’d like to work for and see the path people have taken to get to their role. Networking with alumni from your university or college could even land you a graduate job.


3. Get a part-time job


Earn some pocket money and build on your transferable skills by getting a part-time job. You might be concerned you don’t have enough time for a job, but having a bit of responsibility and adding more structure to your day could actually improve your time management.


4. Work on your CV


 Applying for jobs might not be the first thing on your mind, but graduation will come around fast! It’ll seriously help if you keep on top of your CV as you develop so that you don’t forget all of your achievements.


5. Try out volunteering


Can’t commit to a part-time job? Why not give volunteering a go? It’s not all litter picking – there are loads of brilliant opportunities out there, you just need to find them. For one-off or weekly activities, try searching on Do-it or see if you Students’ Union has a volunteering organization.


6. Set up a blog, Instagram or YouTube channel


A lot of job applications will look for “a proven interest” in a specific field or activity. How exactly do you prove that you love something? Set up an online platform dedicated to it! It’s free to do and will help you to build essential skills in writing copy or maybe even video editing. It could even turn into a profitable enterprise if your account takes off.


7. Work as a freelancer


Have you got the skills to pay the bills? Whether you’re a writer, photographer or makeup artist, why not start working freelance? Just consider that you might need to pay tax on your earnings and get specific qualifications. Fiverr is a great place to start your freelancing career!


8. Apply for graduate schemes


Graduate schemes are a popular career route for students. They usually offer a two-year program working for some of the biggest household brand names. Because of the high demand for spaces, applications open way before graduation. You will want to keep your eyes peeled from November to January.  


9. Get some work experience


Work experience is the best way to get the industry experience you need, not only to be more employable, but also to help you decide if a certain role is for you. Travelling for work experience can be costly, so try to avoid unpaid opportunities. An ISIC card could also help by giving you discounts on food for lunch and travel.


10. Do some fundraising


Anyone can do this one! Have you ever wanted to try something out of your comfort zone? Whether it’s an assault course or a half marathon, give it a go and raise money for your chosen charity in the process.



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Author: Joanne Archer

Joanne is a recent graduate and content writer for the lifestyle website Expert Home Tips. She completed the tasks on this list throughout her time at university and believes that the skills and experience she gained were essential when getting a job. Her ISIC card was a huge help throughout, landing her discounts on flights and more.

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