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10 Things to Do in NYC This Fall

Getting antsy on campus waiting for Thanksgiving break? There’s an easy way to get outta dodge and head to the Big Apple for the weekend. Here’s some tips on things to do in NYC (and how you can save some dough along the way).


Book a Flix Bus to get to the city (they will pick you up from Boston, DC, Baltimore, NOLA and more!). When you book with your ISIC you’ll save 15% (just sayin’!)

When you get to the city and want to throw your bags somewhere before you can check in to your hotel or hostel- use Luggage Hero! They’ll let ISIC holders store your bag for an hour FREE then it’s just $1/hour/bag. PLUS they have locations ALL over NYC.

Okay so what to do now…there’s SO MUCH…

1)     Grab a bike from Unlimited Bike Tours (50% off) and you are on your way.

2)     Take a tour with Museum Hack – this is not your average museum tour. Think of this as your quirky cousin making your tour fun by telling jokes, making modern references and challenging you to think outside the box. “Museums are F*cking Awesome” is one of their fav sayings- so that should give you an idea of what you’re in for- book with ISIC and get 10% off! Head to their site for deets on all the tours. 

3)     If you haven’t been to NYC before you def need to visit the Statue of Liberty- she’s a real beaut AND you’ll get 15% off- DEFINITELY worth the chilly boat ride!

4)     Empire State Building – this one will not disappoint- go up to the top observatory deck and see the whole city. Hope you’re not afraid of heights!

 So you’ve run all around and seen the sights- now it’s time to chill and eat.

5)     Do some self-care with some yoga at Core Power. They offer discounted memberships for ISIC holders, or you can just drop in too!

6)     Manicures and pedicures are not just for the ladies- everyone can enjoy a hot foot soak- book with Snailz and get $5 off at HUNDREDS of NYC nail salons!

Getting hungry?

7)     If you want to get your Instagram story poppin’ with some INSANELY delicious pictures of what you are eating (and make your friends jealous) – you need to go to Creamline in Chelsea. You’ll get 20% off and be full for hours!


8)     Looking for something cozy? Grab some ramen at Yokoya Ramen in the lower east side! 10% off for you ISIC holders.

9)     STILL HUNGRY? You can tour NYC’s best pizza spots with Scott’s Pizza Tours and 10% off

And then once you’re full…and can’t move, but want to still think about food head to our number 10.

10)  Museum of Food and Drink where you are bound to learn some cool stuff, nosh on some exhibits (yes some are edible!) oh and they have beer. #winning.

Try out any of these NYC spots? Let us know!

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