ISIC United States


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The International Teacher Identity Card “ITIC” gets you access as a teacher to thousands of discounts around the globe. When you’re not travelling and you want to grab some stuff for the classroom, or for yourself- here’s what we recommend!


Getting antsy on campus waiting for Thanksgiving break? There’s an easy way to get outta dodge and head to the Big Apple for the weekend. Here’s some tips on things to do in NYC (and how you can save some dough along the way).


You may think that an International Student Identity Card "ISIC" is just something you get when you are going to study abroad. Of course it’s a globally recognized ID, plus you can find discounts all around the world- all true- but did you know- even if you aren’t going abroad and you’re in your college town or home town in good ol' USA you can find ways to use your ISIC without needing to use your passport!


You might feel like your parents or teachers are always nagging you to be smart with your money and save for your future. It can get pretty annoying to hear it from other people- but let me tell you- it DOES pay off in the long run. Just hear me out on some simple tips for your spending habits that can ease the transition when you graduate into the “real world”. Promise not to nag!


When you’re a student, post-uni life is often the last thing on your mind. It may seem like a million miles away, but the reality is, it’ll be here before you know it! Your university years are the best time to get prepared. Taking advantage of amazing, extracurricular activities will not only help you meet people and gain new life skills but make you more employable in the long term too.