Become a Benefit Provider

Why become a benefit provider?

  • increased sales & foot traffic to stores
  • exposure to over 100,000+ new students every year & 133 countries where ISIC is sold
  • no financial investment required. No set up costs

Online & offline benefits

  • local discounts that can be redeemed upon presentation of ISIC card at a retailer
  • benefits & discounts that can be redeemed online
  • card verification page can be set up for distribution of URL or promo code

Promoting the offer

  • opportunity to be featured in monthly ISIC US newsletter
  • presence on and and app
  • promotion on social media channels

Additional opportunities

  • boost your benefit offer on ISIC social media channels
  • become a featured benefit in the monthly newsletter –  make a special offer

Download our Agreement form here and mail to  E-signatures accepted!

Benefit Provider Agreement