Are you a teacher or student traveling through the GEEO program?

If so, you are eligible for the following ITIC and ISIC travel insurance and benefits cards.

International Teacher Identity Card

ITIC Basic US $26.00 (+shipping)

Insurance Documents ▶

ITIC Explorer US $186.00 (+shipping)

Insurance Documents ▶

International Student Identity Card

ISIC Basic US $26.00 (+shipping)

Insurance Documents ▶

ISIC Explorer US $186.00 (+shipping)

Insurance Documents ▶

If you questions about the card or need assistance with your card order,
please contact ISIC USA at or call us at the below number.

  • Monday ~ Friday
  • 9AM Pacific ~ 4PM Pacific
  • T: 480.296.0525

***Please note that for residents of the states of Washington and New Hampshire, ISIC/IYTC/ITIC cards purchased WILL NOT include insurance. As of May 16, 2017, residents of the state of Massachusetts will also be ineligible for travel insurance. ***